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Video: Joel Embiid rejects Rihanna after win against Celtics

Joel Embiid, Rihanna

After the announcement on Thursday on who the captains and starters of the All-Star Game will be, many quickly took to their Twitter and Instagram accounts. However, it was not to give their thoughts about it, but to remind R&B superstar Rihanna that Joel Embiid now has a chance to go out with her.

However, the Philadelphia 76ers big man did the unthinkable as he hilariously turned her down on national TV, during his post-game interview with TNT. He said that he believes he should “move on to the next one” instead of pursuing her again now that he is an All-Star starter.

It can be recalled that Embiid was shut down by Rihanna back in 2014 when he tried to ask her out on a date on Twitter. She then asked him to come back when he’s already an All-Star and now that he is, he made sure he returned the favor by rejecting her after a huge road win televised on national TV, no less.

Embiid continues to be one of the most entertaining figures not just in the NBA but in all of sports. His social media posts in the past have been huge hits to his fans and have made him even more popular. Now he can say that he has backed it up with his performances on the court, helping him get voted as an All-Star starter for the first time in his career, and perhaps the first to turn down the Grammy Award Winning artist as well.