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Snoop Dogg spent an entire Twitch broadcast muted; fans can’t help him

Snoop Dogg Twitch Stream Fails

Rap icon Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg, sometimes streams on Twitch in his free time. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. In one of his recent streams, he experienced some epic Twitch stream fail.

Snoop Dogg went live on his Twitch channel a few days ago to play Madden 21. The rap icon’s streams are characterized by his chill demeanor, usually with the rapper enjoying a joint along with his game. He was extra chill during this stream session, though, as he ended up streaming for six hours not noticing that he’s muted the entire time. To make matters worse, his Twitch chat is in ’emote-only’ mode. His Twitch chat is filled with emotes trying to tell him that he’s muted, but it’s hard to communicate that using pictures. Thus, Snoop Dogg went on and on his stream without figuring out that no one can actually hear him talking.

We’re not sure why Snoop Dogg ended up in this situation. There could have been some hardware issue, or even probably just a simple case of not being able to unmute himself before starting his stream. Whatever is the case, we hope the rap streamer can stream in better conditions in his future broadcasts.