One of the biggest things that comes along with the NBA draft is seeing potential greats realize their dreams; the excitement of seeing them go to the next level is palpable.

At the actual NBA draft event, as their names are called, a lot of the attention is focused on their fashion.

Everybody dresses up nice, but some like to take it even further.They'll do things like decorate their shoes, put a custom suit combination together, and then there are the ties.

The fashion changes with the time, and in recent years one thing that has become popular is fitted suits and bow ties.

The  best of the Class of 2016 was certainly the bow tie section this time around.

Take a look below to see the styles, and the contrast of style between one of the greatest, the Class of 2003, the Class of 2015, and the Class of 2016, with so many more bow ties coming along.

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