Some of the greatest urban legends in NBA history
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Some of the greatest urban legends in NBA history

Michael Jordan

With the NBA having some of the most colorful personalities in any major sports league, you won’t be surprised how some pretty outrageous urban legends, some may or may not be true, have come out over the years.

Here are some stories that seemed most interesting.

Clyde Drexler and the 11-foot hoop

Clyde Drexler as a kid had a hoop around his neighborhood (not sure, might’ve been something like he built one for himself with a basket on a light post) that he would always try to dunk on everyday to little success. He finally gets down his first dunk and soon after finds out the hoop he was using was 11 feet.

Being a kid and dunking on an 11-foot rim must have been quite a challenge at the time. But Clyde Drexler was one of the best high-flyers in the league when he played for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets.

From: youngtrece13

Michael Jordan‘s treatment of Kwame Brown 

MJ called Kwame Brown a faggot and made him cry at practice.

Brown was just a 19-year-old kid when he entered the league, but even with his issues of production on the court as well as being immature, he was still was mistreated by Michael Jordan. The former top overall pick saw Jordan as one of his idols – even as a father figure. The then-Washington Wizards executive-turned-player was telling him that he would do everything he could to make Kwame Brown a star. But that never happened, and Brown bounced around the league until 2013.

From: Bababooey247

David Stern and the 1985 draft 

David Stern rigging the 1985 draft so that the Knicks could grab the first pick and choose Patrick Ewing.

The year that the NBA decided to have a draft lottery, some people believe that Stern rigged the draft to bring the most hyped college prospect (Patrick Ewing) to the league’s biggest market team – the Knicks.

From: phalanx47

The list goes on and for more on these urban legends, check out the full Reddit stream, click here.

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