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Sonic as a VTuber and a Sonic Theme Park? SEGA says yes

Sonic VTuber Theme Park

News has not reached the Western shores yet, but it seems like word around Japan says that Sonic The Hedgehog has some interesting plans this year.

According to Ryokutya2089, and reported via Siliconera, SEGA has been planning to make Sonic a VTuber. According to reports, SEGA art director Kazuyuki Hasino’s team is working on a new broadcast project. In that project, they aim to turn the beloved blue hedgehog into a VTuber, an anime character that stands in for a person’s webcam during live streams.

Once they’re done with the VTuber project, the Sonic team will then set their sights on a much bigger project. Thanks to the success of their live-action film, SEGA is feeling confident about the idea of a Sonic theme park. We’re not sure when they’re planning to erect the theme park – or where, given the pandemic situation. But these ballsy plans all align in SEGA’s celebration of Sonic’s 30th-anniversary celebration.

Meanwhile, Siliconera clarifies that the exact source of the news is yet unknown. Ryokutya2089 posts information from magazines in Japan, such as Famitsu. Hence, Siliconera places its finger at a possible Sonic 30th Anniversary Column on the Famitsu Magazine. That issue of the magazine isn’t coming out until July 8.

Whether or not these pieces of information are true, they’re still exciting (and strange) developments either way. For now, fans of Sonic who still haven’t played Sonic Mania can get a free copy at the Epic Games Store.