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Soulja Boy vows a return to the video game console market

Soulja Boy, Video Game Console

Soulja Boy attempted to launch his own line of gaming consoles in 2018 but it ended in miserable failure. Now, despite his tragic past, the rapper vows to return once more to challenge the great names of the console market. His first attempts at video game hardware amounted to nothing more than reskinned bootleg emulators. Will his new attempt at making gaming machines finally succeed?


An innocuous Tweet on the rapper’s personal Twitter account brought people’s attention to his gaming venture. A quick visit to the Soulja Game account shows the company’s claim of building a “new console from scratch.” This could very well be a response to the initial allegations levied against Soulja Game Console due to numerous copyright violations.  The rapper remained adamant in 2018 that Nintendo couldn’t sue him but that Tweet has since been deleted. Naturally, multiple threats of litigation affected the rapper’s game console as all sales of Soulja Game Console stopped immediately thereafter. Hopefully, this “new console,” lives up to the hype the rapper tries to build for it.

Soulja Boy’s insistence on creating his own gaming console is admirable if only he hadn’t tried to peddle bootleg emulators in 2018. However, some fans responded to his announcement with cautious optimism hoping to hear more about the project in the future. It goes to show that players are generally open to new hardware provided they worked properly. The rapper still has to resolve the issue of what game titled would be playable on his future console.