Despite her remarkable achievements, Aitana Bonmati, a pivotal figure in Spain's 2023 Women's World Cup triumph, has expressed disappointment over its minimal impact on advancing women's football within her country. The midfielder's sentiments starkly contrast to England's Euro 2022 victory's transformative effect on the domestic football landscape.

In a candid interview with L'Equipe, Bonmati articulated her concerns, stating, “Unfortunately, I can't say that much has changed. We have the example of the English – when they won the Euros, we saw a big change after the success at the national level. There were knock-on effects. Investment in the domestic league, full stadiums when England plays. It makes me want it because I can't say that it is the same here [in Spain]. There is still so much left to do here, and I feel like the World Cup was for nothing.”

She further emphasized the need for improved promotion and organization within Spanish women's football, asserting, “It all starts with doing things well, promoting the matches properly, wanting to organize them in adequate stadiums, not changing the ground one week before the game – because that makes everything more complicated for the fans. Promoting the league as well – in the country in general, it is not at the level that we deserve.”

Highlighting the disparity in treatment between men's and women's football, Bonmati pointed out the last-minute change of venue for the upcoming Women's Nations League final between Spain and France, stating, “We were supposed to play in Cádiz, and in the end, we changed location to play at the Cartuja [in Seville]. That wouldn't happen to the men's team for a Nations League final.”

As Spain gears up to face France in the Women's Nations League, Bonmati's remarks underscore the urgent need for greater investment, promotion, and support for women's football within the country. Beyond the international stage, Bonmati will continue her quest for recognition and advancement as she returns to club action with Barcelona in the Copa de la Reina semi-final clash against Athletic on March 7.