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Gregg Popovich’s angry reaction after Spurs loss to Pacers

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The Indiana Pacers defeated the San Antonio Spurs 131-118 on Monday evening in Indiana. Head Coach Gregg Popovich wasn’t too happy with the team’s performance.

After the game, Popovich had some words for his team,

“The game was obviously more important to the Pacers than it was to us,” Popovich said postgame. “We didn’t have enough guys mentally ready to compete or to execute, for whatever reason. It happens in the NBA now and then, but it shouldn’t be happening this early in the year.”

The Spurs are lucky that Popovich only said this. Giving up 131 points is never going to make Popovich happy. Earlier in his career, he would’ve had a lot more to say than just that.

Popovich might go down as the best coach to ever coach in the NBA. If his team plays poorly he has no remorse on calling them out. Giving up 131 points to any NBA team is inexcusable for a Popovich-led team, but even worse they allowed a struggling Pacers team to do it.

With the win, Indiana ended a four-game losing streak and is now a disappointing 2-6.

San Antonio will look to bounce back on Wednesday as they host the Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. Popovich will be looking to see how his team responds.