Victor Wembanyama might be the most hyped-up prospect in recent memory. The San Antonio Spurs rookie turned many heads way before the French star declared for the NBA draft. His unique combination of height and skills makes him an intriguing player to watch. With hype comes pressure, though. Kevin Garnett knows all about the pressure: the NBA great said that he expects Victor Wembanyama to have a target on him, simply because he's number one, per Ben Golliver.

Kevin Garnett on Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama: “He’s No. 1. Absolutely he has a target on his back. … Coming from high school, I had a bunch of targets on my back. But that’s part of it.”

Garnett knows exactly how it feels like to be a hyped-up prospect. While he wasn't a first-overall pick like Wemby, the ex-Timberwolves star was one of the many HS-to-NBA prospects back in the 2000s. Due to that status, Garnett (along with Kobe Bryant and the other HS prospects) were placed under a microscope for the first few years of their career. The Spurs are hoping that Wembanyama thrives in the pressure the same way Garnett did.

Already, Victor Wembanyama has experienced the scrutiny of being a first overall pick before even playing in an official NBA game. His sub-par first Summer League game was criticized by many observers. Some even went so far as to say that the Spurs rookie was a bust. Wembanyama followed that up with a monster second game, but that was a taste of what the first overall pick will experience throughout his career.

How well Wembanyama adjusts to NBA play will dictate his career. He has all the tools to succeed in the league: a long frame, the handles of a guard, the shot-making of a wing, and the mobility of a rim protector. If he can put it all together for the Spurs, he'll truly be a dangerous player in this league.