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Lakers, Celtics are odds-on favorites to acquire Kawhi Leonard

kawhi leonard

Kawhi Leonard is the NBA’s silent superstar, but not even his reserved demeanor could prevent him from being the most talked about player at least today. Following several reports about Leonard’s desire to leave the San Antonio Spurs via a trade, experts and fans have been quick to link the two-way forward to the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the L.A. Clippers to name some of the teams rumored to be in the running for the Kawhi sweepstakes.

Enter the Bovada online sportsbook, whose oddsmakers were fast enough to release odds of Leonard’s chances of hooking up with some of the aforementioned ball clubs (h/t Kurt Helin of NBC Sports).

Bookmakers get paid to understand both how this will shake out and how people will bet on it, so what odds are they posting?

From overseas online betting site Bovada.

LA Lakers 5/7

Boston Celtics 15/4

Philadelphia 76ers 5/1

San Antonio Spurs 5/1

Cleveland Cavaliers 10/1

LA Clippers 10/1

Here is another set of prices from Bookmaker.eu, per Ira Winderman of The Sun-Sentinel.

Notice that the Lakers are the chalks to acquire Kawhi Leonard. For one, it’s been reported that they are Leonard’s top choice to be traded to.  That said, it’s probably the Boston Celtics, who have the best assets to entice the Spurs. Apart from the fact that they are operating in the Eastern Conference, where the Spurs won’t have the possibility of facing Leonard in the playoffs outside of the NBA Finals, the Celtics also have plenty of talented youngsters and a horde of future picks to convince San Antonio to send Leonard to Beantown.

It’s been a crazy offseason so far. Don’t expect anything less moving forward.