Spurs news: Manu Ginobili not making excuses for San Antonio's struggles
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Manu Ginobili not making excuses for Spurs’ struggles

manu ginobili, gregg popovich

Once again, the San Antonio Spurs have largely flown under the radar after a solid 10-6 to start the 2017-18 NBA season. The Spurs have managed to linger around the top of the Western Conference despite the absence of superstar Kawhi Leonard and veteran point guard Tony Parker.

Although they got back into the win column with a clutch 104-101 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, they have still fallen short of the expectations that come with being the NBA’s most elite team over the last two decades. According to Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News, veteran Manu Ginobili says they still have plenty of areas to improve on:

“We haven’t been as reliable as we have wanted to. I could have expected some droughts, some games where we cannot score that much. But we have had everything so far, bad defensive games, distractions, turnovers, and that doesn’t depend on Kawhi, Tony not being there.”

Ginobili added that it is a crucial time to start performing better with their two most important players out.

“So I think we all have to contribute a little more, be more attentive, be more responsible to keep improving and be the team we want to be without Tony or Kawhi.”

It is clear that the Spurs are still holding themselves to the highest standard even without Leonard and Parker. In their absence, San Antonio has featured a heavy dosage of big man LaMarcus Aldridge while relying on an otherwise versatile offensive attack.

However, Ginobili’s comments indicate the team is mainly focused on shoring things up on the defensive end, which could pay huge dividends down the line when Leonard inevitably returns.