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Fans’ hilarious Reddit reactions to Kawhi Leonard’s ‘thank you’ letter

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard’s timing seems to be off since it took him quite long before coming up with a statement to address his departure from the San Antonio Spurs. It took Leonard two weeks after he was shipped to the Toronto Raptors to produce a thank you letter that may or may not be written by the forward himself. So aside from being too late, the goodbye message might have even been typed by someone not named Kawhi Leonard.

Reddit users are having a grand time poking fun at Leonard’s extremely delayed written reaction. Even for a player like Leonard who’s known for his reticence and preference to stay inside a shell, the time it took for him to make a statement has befuddled plenty of Redditors.

Some select reactions from Reddit are as follows. From badalchemist:

“When you turn in your essay late and it’s still below the minimum page count”

4thAndLong says:

“This note resembles the quality of an essay written 10 minutes before it was due would have.”

Dgeneratte went as far as to allege Kawhi Leonard of plagiarism.

“As soon as I read the letter I felt I had read it before and I had. When Aldridge left us he said basically the same thing. So, not only did kawhi turn his essay in late, he straight up stole and didn’t even put a [expletive] citation.”

Who actually wrote the letter? Reddit user JohnHenryArcher shares his own suspicion:

“Weak. I was actually fine with him not saying anything. Bet his sister wrote this.”

The letter may be late, but at least it did not come in Comic Sans. You can’t go wrong with Times New Roman.