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Video: The Coyote gets ready as bat enters Spurs’ arena again

Some teams in sports history have taken the symbol of an animal and used it to spur them onward towards achieving a historic goal, thus deifying said animal — think the Los Angeles Angels and the Rally Monkey. Are the San Antonio Spurs and their bats (Rally Bats?) the evolution of that concept? There’s only one way to find out.

One can only imagine the job description that the organization pops out looking for a mascot that can not only fulfill all the mundane duties of being a mascot, like shooting t-shirts into the crowd out of a giant canon, jumping off trampolines to dunk basketballs and endlessly dancing during timeouts, but the position in San Antonio forces those same people to turn into crusaders for a greater cause at a moment’s notice.

You can’t have bats treating the NBA race to the postseason like it’s their private cave, even if some players are more than willing to sacrifice themselves up as a human scarecrow. 

It’s really the entire costume that makes the Spurs’ dedicated bat foe the hero we deserve. And considering all of the other options that could be resorted to in order to quell the bats dilemma — six-shooters, actual spurs — using a net seems like the option that presents some of the least danger.

Ultimately, the Spurs won Sunday over a team with the league’s best record. That gives San Antonio eight consecutive home wins, with their last loss at the AT&T Center coming Jan. 20. We’re not saying it’s the bats that are in the opponents’ heads, but we’re also not not saying that.