A look at how Staples Center hosts Lakers and Clippers home games on same day
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A look at how Staples Center hosts Lakers and Clippers home games on same day


The Los Angeles Lakers and L.A. Clippers not only represent the same city, but they also share the same home arena, as they both host their home games inside Staples Center. While it is already difficult to manage their schedules, it’s always bound for them to have home assignments on the same day. Many are wondering how it’s possible to transform the look of the arena for each team, but now a video explains it all.

A clip has been making its rounds on the internet recently, where it shows how a multitude of Staples Center employees work like a well-oiled machine to quickly change the flooring, as well as the banners and seats, to adjust to either’s squad’s appearance.

It does look like an art for them to meet their deadline, and they all seem to be in sync with what they’re doing. It’s even more impressive after finding out that they have not missed a deadline ever, especially with 17 or 18 changes made in a single season alone on average.

The players on the court may be the heroes to the fans, but these workers also deserve a lot of credit for mastering the skills needed to make the games possible on the same day. What seemed to be impossible before is now something the Staples Center employees have already been accustomed to doing regularly, and will continue to be done for as long as both Los Angeles teams play their home games in the same building — which apparently is bound to change in the near future.