As it goes with any competition show, cliques form. Stars on Mars — a show filled with celebrities including Ronda Rousey, Marshawn Lynch, Lance Armstrong, Richard Sherman, Tinashe, and more — is no exception to that.

In a new clip that ClutchPoints is pleased to exclusively break, Tinashe — a singer-songwriter — notices the growing divide between some of the participants and some of the athletes.

The clip, which can be seen below, begins with Tinashe saying that she notices different cliques forming in the Hab (the show's home base). We then see Ronda Rousey training with Armstrong.

“Ronda, Lance, and Marshawn are definitely standing up for one another in a way that I wasn't necessarily expecting,” Tinashe revealed.

The camaraderie shared between the three athletes is clear, and it makes sense why they gravitate toward each other. Lynch comes in and jokes that Rousey should uppercut Armstong on the chin and all three share a laugh over it.

“I guess the people I feel most comfortable with are just, by default, the athletes here,” admitted Rousey. “So, the good thing is, now I have my support system to kind of lean back on when we have new people here.”

In WWE kayfabe, it'd be ironic to hear Rousey say that given that her tag team partner, Shayna Bazler, just turned on her.

Marshawn Lynch ends the clip by asking Armstong, “Now I can punch at you?” Armstrong turns him down and says that he can hold the gloves instead.

“No, that's what you [are] here for,” says Lynch with an almost disgusted look on his face.

Stars on Mars is the latest competition show from FOX that pits celebrities against each other as they are tasked with new “missions” every episode. Star Trek legend William Shatner hosts the show. Seven celebrities remain, and some of the eliminated competitors include Richard Sherman, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Tom Schwartz.

How far the alliance between Rousey, Armstrong, and Lynch goes remains to be seen, but for now, the three athletes seem to be joined at the hip.

Check out the logline for the upcoming episode of Stars on Mars: Incoming message from Mission Control: four new celebronauts are about to land on Mars, but their supply craft has gone off course and crashed in the Martian desert. To make matters worse, it’s split in half, causing two nuclear canisters to break free. If the seven remaining crewmates don’t act quickly, the radiation will destroy their much-needed supplies and spread to the habitat, putting the mission in grave danger.

The next episode of Stars on Mars will air at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.