Steelers news: Mason Rudolph still in concussion protocol heading into Week 7
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Steelers QB Mason Rudolph still in concussion protocol heading into Week 7

Mason Rudolph

The Pittsburgh Steelers face a tough predicament as Mason Rudolph is still under the watchful eyes of the team’s medical staff. While he has two weeks to fully recover, it’s still concerning for Steelers Nation that he’s still under concussion protocol.

Team spokesman Burt Lauten confirmed with the media that they will be particularly careful with their young QB as he’s got a week and a half’s worth of recovery time.

“Mason remains in the concussion protocol and has not been cleared by the independent neurological consultant,” Lauten told Ed Bouchette of “Until he is cleared, and per the concussion protocol, he will not be made available to the media.”

The extreme precaution the team is taking with Rudolph is warranted if their previous form is to be taken into consideration. He was knocked out by Earl Thomas during the team’s overtime defeat to the Baltimore Ravens. A quick review of how he was taken out will make anyone understand why the team is extremely careful with Rudolph.

Moreover, his health isn’t the only reason why they’re taking precautions. He’s been a fantastic passer from the pocket in his four appearances. He’s notched an impressive 646 passing yards and seven touchdowns on 67% passing accuracy. His QB rating is at a great 102.5.

If Rudolph doesn’t get the go-ahead by Week 7, Devlin Hodges will be getting the nod. However, a lot of fans know that Rudolph should be the starter. They will be hoping that Rudolph will be able to recover on time and start against the Miami Dolphins.