Imagine enjoying a lovely day out on the golf course, getting ready to tee up your next shot…only to see two mammoth defensive ends wrestling with each other off in the distance.  Pittsburgh Steelers star TJ Watt and his brother JJ Watt did just that recently and may have created a few divots with their intense golf course workout, via Steelers Depot:

Those aren't the kind of irons you normally see on a golf course, but it's a welcome sight for Steelers fans nonetheless.

TJ Watt, who missed time in 2022 with a torn pectoral injury, looks like he's in great shape and ready to lead the Steelers defense back to the playoffs. After winning Defensive Player of the Year and tying the single-season sack record in 2021, Watt looks primed for a big bounce-back campaign and another run at the award.

It certainly helps to have a workout partner like his older brother JJ Watt, who hung up his cleats last season after an incredible 12-year career and will be seen wearing a gold jacket (maybe a green jacket, too, if he keeps spending so much time on the course) as he enters the Football Hall of Fame down the line.

The Watt brothers have been a constant source of entertainment–and pain for quarterbacks–over the years. While we'll miss seeing and hearing them face off against each other on the gridiron, it's good to see they're still getting offseason work in together to help TJ prepare for training camp.

Watching the Watt brothers workout on the golf course might look a little unusual…but at least TJ managed to avoid the water hazard this time around.