To the Golden State Warriors‘ demise, their acclaimed MVP Stephen Curry was unable to utilize his dominating 3-point play scheme to close off the Cleveland Cavaliers in this years NBA Finals. Although he had his buckets here and there, Curry was only 2-for-9 for 3 point shots made in the fourth quarter on Games 6 and 7 combined.

This, along with other lacking parts of his game, is the reason why he was recently named the worst Finals performer by an MVP in NBA history by FOX Sports. His 22.6 point average ranks lowest among other players on this list, and his turnovers (4.3) exceeded his assists (3.7), being the only player to help the opposing team more than his own.

“I won't watch the film of the bad because it'll bring up too many bad memories.” Curry remarked.

Stephen Curry
AP Photo

In this historic loss, the Warriors will likely have a sour taste in their mouths playing in Oracle Arena moving forward. With a exemplary 39-2 regular season home game record this season, this facility probably felt like a sanctuary to the Warriors, not expecting the Cavs to turn their world upside down.

“That's not going to be the end of the story, just kind of a down chapter in the book,” Curry concluded.

Hopefully, Curry won't disappear at the end of the story like he did this year; it was a story for the books, and to end a 73-9 season without an NBA title must be daunting.

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