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Warriors News: Stephen Curry’s old Burger King commercial with his dad resurfaces

Even as a kid, Stephen Curry was already exposed to the NBA, as his father, Dell, used to play in the league for 16 years. He had an early taste of the spotlight, as the older Curry brought him to their games. Steph even co-starred with him in a TV commercial.

The said advertisement was for Burger King back in 1990s, and rare footage of it even surfaced recently, where the Golden State Warriors guard acted in front of the camera, together with his father.

Now a two-time champion and former back-to-back MVP, Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the league today. His incredible accuracy from beyond the arc has already made many consider him as an all time great shooter. However, he is still only 29-years-old and has a lot of years left in his career, making it possible for him to beat a lot of standing records of the NBA.

The commercial may arguably not be the best performance he’s ever had, but it’s still a good reminder for him that he was also once a young child, and that he had to work hard on his game to make it this far. It also could serve as something to keep him grounded that he wasn’t always the star that he is now, and will make him value his current stature even more.