There are new information about Street Fighter 6 that we learned during The Game Awards live stream show last Thursday night.

The Game Awards is a great place for surprises. This year’s show did not only showcase new game trailers and announcements, but also fantastic updates about some of the most highly-anticipated games of the future. One of these games is Street Fighter 6 – and we got ourselves new character reveals some new information about the lore, and some new gameplay features. Here is a summary of the new stuff we found out:

Everything new about Street Fighter 6 from The Game Awards

Summon allies into battle – As you travel across the World as your playable character, you’d be able to meet fighting masters and be able to become their students so you can learn their move sets and use them as your own in a fight. However, apart from imparting knowledge, building enough rapport with these mentors will allow you to summon them into battle, literally giving you an extra pair of hands against opponents.

Mini-games – In what looks like a way to have players work for the stat progression of their player character, players will have to go through mini-games throughout their story mode run.

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World Tour – Most of the game’s new features can be found in the World Tour game mode, where players will create a player character and use them to travel the world in search of strength.

New Character Reveals – Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa, and JP make their proper debuts in Street Fighter 6’s World Premiere trailer at The Game Awards. One of these characters, Manon, is not included in the purported leak of the game’s complete roster.

Some MacGuffin – One of the new characters, JP, had some voice lines during his screen time at the World Premiere Trailer, where he says something about someone being a suitable “Vessel for his power.” This appears to be an important tidbit about Street Fighter 6’s plot, and it appears that JP is talking about the player character, but we’re not yet sure what this voice line actually entails.

New logo? – The game’s bland and borderline copyright-infringement logo appears to have been improved upon. Although the logo still is quite bland, Capcom added a couple of details on the 6 logogram of the title.

Release Date – Street Fighter 6’s official release date was revealed, which is set on June 2, 2023.

That’s all of the new info we’ve got to share with you about Street Fighter 6. For a complete list of characters that are going to appear in Street Fighter 6, click here. For everything else we know about Street Fighter 6, click here.