Street Fighter 6 will be coming out with a roster consisting of both new and returning characters. Here's the complete Street Fighter 6 Roster.

Street Fighter 6 Roster: All Confirmed Characters

While what's presumed to be the complete list of characters joining the fight in the game has already been leaked and revealed, Capcom has only revealed a dozen or so officially. These characters are:

  1. Ryu – Ever training, this martial artist seeks true strength. Well-mannered and sincere, Ryu travels the globe in search of worthy opponents. Having overcome the Satsui no Hado, he now seeks yet greater heights.
  2. Ken – Former US National Fighting Champ, and ex-VP of the Masters Foundation. Accusations of orchestrating a criminal plot have forced Ken to abandon his family and business and go into hiding.
  3. Chun-Li – A former high-kicking ICPO agent, Chun-Li looks after Li-Fen, a victim of the Black Moon Incident. With Shadaloo sundered, she now runs kung fu classes, and has become a well-loved member of the local community.
  4. Luke – A contractor for a PMC, Luke uses his elite military background to teach mixed martial arts. His days off are spent eating junk food, playing video games, and fighting, but make no mistake—Luke plays to win.
  5. Guile – A US Air Force pilot who fights for his country, Guile succeeded in dismantling Shadaloo and avenging his friend Charlie. He enjoys living the family man life, but new battlefields await him.
  6. Jamie – This self-styled Chinatown peacekeeper aspires to the example set by Yun and Yang, the Twin Dragons. An expert dancer, Jamie places justice and friendship above all else, defending his town with martial skill.
  7. Juri – This sadistic thrillseeker enjoys the strife and suffering of others, taking immense joy in obliterating her foes.
    Without revenge against M. Bison as a motivator, she whiles away her time in a gloomy haze.
  8. Kimberly – Uninvited student to Guy, the 39th successor to Bushinryu. Kimberly had an ordinary upbringing, but she's a genuine prodigy who graduated college early…and now wants to be a ninja. Loves '80s pop culture.
  9. E. Honda – A sumo wrestler looking to bring the sport worldwide, E. Honda has the skills of a yokozuna, but his constant globetrotting has prevented his promotion. Also an expert chef renowned for mouthwatering chanko stew.
  10. Dhalsim – A monk and yoga master from India who has served as a guide for countless suffering souls. Prefers to avoid conflict when possible, but his innate hatred of evil compels him to dispense stern justice.
  11. Blanka – A kindhearted defender of nature, Blanka has become an adventure tour guide, confident his intimate knowledge of the jungle will serve as a springboard to fame—and a comfortable life for his beloved mother.
  12. Dee Jay – A globally popular dance music superstar, Dee Jay is always ready to have a good time. With a burning love for music and fighting, this Jamaican sensation drives audiences wild with hot new songs and stylish moves.
  13. Manon – A super model and world champion judoka, Manon is an idealist, forever seeking self-improvement in the pursuit of beauty. She struts the catwalk of street fighting to become the world's strongest model.
  14. Marisa – An up-and-coming jewelry designer from Italy who claims ancestry to ancient Greek warriors. As a child, she was inspired by a vision of the Colosseum in its prime. Today, she seeks glory with a smile—and an eye for beauty.
  15. JP – Head of an international NGO responsible for many successful investment projects, and the man behind Nayshall's present prosperity. Has a beloved cat named Cybele.
  16. Zangief – A colossal wrestler nicknamed the Red Cyclone. Zangief is dedicated to physical improvement and instructing his students.
  17. Lily – A descendant of the Thunderfoot tribe, Lily speaks with the spirits of nature, trusting in their guidance as she travels the globe. Don't judge a book by its cover—her small stature conceals truly titanic power.
  18. Cammy – Member of British special forces unit Delta Red. Distinguished herself in the operation against Shadaloo, with which she shares a fated connection. Hyper-competent but somewhat moody. Currently working at HQ.

On top of the eighteen characters above, Street Fighter 6 will also allow you to create your own character and interact with the open-world environment in the game.

Street Fighter 6 Roster of Leaked Characters

Here are the rest of the characters leaked so far:

  1. Rashid
  2. Ed
  3. Akuma
  4. Mimi
  5. A.K.I.
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And that lists down the entire cast of characters so far. At the current count, there are eighteen confirmed and five leaked but unconfirmed characters, bringing the total to 23 characters in total for the game (24 counting the player-created character). This number should be reasonable enough, especially since Capcom rebuilt Street Fighter 6 as the game transitioned to the RE Engine for the first time. However, there's still some room for surprises, as the leaked image apparently doesn't include all of the game's characters yet, as demonstrated by the surprise reveal of Manon during The Game Awards, who was not part of the leaked characters.

The game's story will take place after the events of Street Fighter III and will be set in Metro City, so we might still get some new characters given this setting and time period. We'll just probably have to wait for further confirmation and reveals from Capcom.

During Evo 2022, Capcom officially announced Juri and Kimberly, the latter being a newcomer to the series. Aside from simply announcing the two new characters in the game's roster, Capcom also showed off the flashy moves the two fighters can do. Kimberly is a fast-moving striker who can send opponents up in the sky and hit them hard in mid-air, finishing off her attacks with a wicked lotus like what Rock Lee and Might Guy do in the anime series Naruto.

Meanwhile, Juri has an updated look and fighting style. She still uses the Fuhajin, but she also gains new special moves called Saihasho, Ankensatsu, and Go Ohsatsu, new moves that do not use up Fuha stock.

During TGS 2022, even more characters have been officially announced, and even revealed that the player will be able to create their own character in the game.

Another new character added to the game is Lily, a descendant of the Thunderfoot Tribe, revealed during the Sony State of Play in February 2023. Her moveset looks like she can juggle you in the air just fine, but also attack you with whirling attacks that will make your head spin. Her reveal coincided with the confirmation of both Cammy and Zangief's returns.

For everything we know so far about Street Fighter 6, click here. Street Fighter 6 will be released on PCPS4, PS5Xbox One, Xbox Series X on June 2, 2023.