The latest installment in a well-known and well-loved fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6 aims to become on of the best, if not the best, fighting games available in the market right now. However, was it able to do it? We take a look at what critics have to say about Street Fighter 6, including their reviews and scores for the game

Street Fighter 6 Review Scores: 89-93 on Metacritic

Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry to the Street Fighter franchise. It is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Metacritic aggregated reviews for all the major platforms the game is available on. As of this article, the PC version of the game has the highest average score of 93, with only one mixed review out of a total of 25. The PlayStation version of the game, on the other hand, has an average of 92, with also just one mixed review from a total of 75. Finally, the Xbox Series X|S version of the game has an average of 89, with no negative or mixed reviews from its 13 reviews. Now, let's take a close look at what critics say about Street Fighter 6 in their reviews, as well as their scores.

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Gaming  Nexus gave the game a perfect 100, saying that “Capcom has given us a complete game right out of the box.” They praised both the single-player and online experience, calling the former “enormous” while calling the latter “perfect.” They especially liked how “Street Fighter lore is littered in every nook and cranny of this game.” The game's “modes and modes within modes” also warranted positive attention. They even went as far as to say that this is “one of the best Street Fighter games in the history of the franchise”, and that “if Capcom hurt you in the past, this is their apology.”

TheGamer also gave a score of 100, saying that “As a fighting game, Street Fighter 6 is pretty much flawless.” They also added that the game's “little details across the board” make it “a fighter for everyone and not just fans of the genre. ” They went as far as to say that this was “the most approachable and welcoming fighter” that they have ever played, “without ever once sacrificing its potential complexity and fighting spirit.”

Noisy Pixel's review gave a score of 100, simply stating that “Street Fighter 6 is it”. They went on to say that the game “will carry the franchise, the fighting game community, and the genre into the next decade of gaming.” Although they loved the game's story and gameplay, they talked quite a bit about the game's atmosphere and environment. They said that the game “creates an environment for all other fighting games and communities to thrive, and so regardless of personal preferences, we all win.”. They expounded further on this, saying that “it takes everything great about the franchise and delivers more.”

VG247 also gave a perfect 100, with the reviewer mentioning that although they wrote a long review, they “barely feel like [they] scratched the surface.” Although they said that the game's World Tour mode “is a slightly ropey debut for a really strong single-player format”, they ultimately believe that the game is “more than a sum of its parts.” Not only that but the “core fighting system alone justifies a high score and a strong recommendation.” They ended the review by saying that it “might just be the most compelling overall fighting game package of all time.”

Game Informer gave the game a slightly lower, but still high score of 95. According to them, entries to the Street Fighter franchise “comes with weighty expectations”, something that this game “confidently meets.” They mentioned that the game is very much “catering to neophytes and genre veterans by offering the most extensive array of offline offerings the franchise has ever seen alongside a flexible set of core systems and a diverse cast.” From its “cohesive aesthetic” to its “bounty of cleaver features”, and finally its crisp central gameplay”, they confidently said that this game is “one of the most impressive entries the genre has seen in some time.

Gaming Bible gave the game a score of 90, claiming that “for whatever reason you pick up this game, you won’t be disappointed.” They said that the game “not only looks better than ever, but it arguably plays better too and it's most certainly the most accessible.” The game is “vibrant, packs a mean punch and… reminds us why this franchise has remained relevant for decades, with no signs of tapping out just yet.” According to them, this goes for both the new players, as well as veterans of the franchise.

Windows Central also gave a score of 90. They called the game “an exceptional entry in the franchise” that reminded them of why they love games in this genre. They praised the “freshly introduced mechanics” that “shake up the familiar dance of previous titles and notably improve the moment-to-moment gameplay.” The review praised Capcom as well, saying that the company “continues to demonstrate precisely how a team can triumphantly transform established IP.”

Siliconera gave a similar score of 90, calling the game a “fighting game for everyone.” They brought up the game's “control schemes that will let you do cool things simply by mashing buttons”, as well as its “sprawling single player mode.” They also brought up the game's “character creation system that allows you to cobble together whatever moveset you like.” To them, the game “feels like something designed to give you whatever you want out of a fighting game.

Softpedia gave the game a score of 85, saying that the game “is not perfect, but is revolutionary.” They said that the game “manages to cater to so many tastes and expectations without dropping the ball that the developers deserve all the praise they get.” Other than the fact that not all fan favorites are not in the roster and like will be in the battle pass, they reviewer was “pleasantly surprised by all the content included” in the game.

Cubed3 gave the game a mixed score of 70. Cubed3 said that the World Tour mode “fails to meet the hype placed upon it.” Of course, it's no all bad. They mentioned that “in its simplest form”, the game “remains a fantastic, fun experience, retaining the same gameplay that has been tweaked and improved throughout the years.” However, they suggest that players just stick to the game's Arcade mode.

We Got This Covered gave the game a mixed score of 60. They called the game's single-player campaign “a truly terrible single-player RPG that stands as one of the most embarrassing things Capcom has released in years.” They said that if the player wants to play online, then they will love it. However, if the player instead wants to buy the game for its single-player mode. then they should “stay far away.”

Is Street Fighter 6 worth it?

Whether you are a fan of fighting games, or someone looking for an entry into the genre, a lot of critics seem to agree that Street Fighter 6 would be worth the price. A lot of the reviews mentioned how the game has a lot of features that cater to new players, which would make their entry into the franchise easier. Although some people didn't like the game's single-player mode, quite a few others seem to like it enough to recommend it. Overall, this game seems to be a great one, something that everyone should try.

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