The SAG-AFTRA strike has shut down a bevy of productions, and insiders have revealed the insane six-figure number that studios are willing to lose with each passing week during the strike.

Variety's recent report on the SAG-AFTRA strike included that having numerous high-profile productions shut down which include the costs of soundstages, costumes, and more, could be running studios about $600,000 a week. It speaks volumes that studios are willing to squander that much money on productions that aren't even rolling cameras but not come to an agreement with the unions.

Think about some of the productions that have been paused like any MCU project such as Deadpool 3 and Ridley Scott's historical epic Gladiator 2. Those productions usually cost upwards of $100 million (and oftentimes $200 million) when it is all said and done. The sets are not cheap, nor are the props and everything else found on a set, and the tab just keeps running the longer that the strikes go on.

The SAG-AFTRA strike is gearing up for its second week with picket lines growing — albeit without one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise. The WGA strike began even earlier on May 2, and the two sides are yet to come to an agreement. For the sake of those working in the industry who rely on these productions for a paycheck, we can only hope that the two sides find some kind of middle ground so the business can get back on its feet and running like normal.