Suns news: Blazers return the favor with shout out to 'bright' Phoenix
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Blazers return the favor with shout out to ‘bright’ Suns


The Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers had a bit of a social media bromance of late, with the two teams exchanging pleasantries on the mean streets of Twitter. It all started with a congratulatory tweet from the Suns, to which the Blazers responded with their own compliment for their Western Conference foes.

Portland’s official Twitter account acknowledged Phoenix’s tremendous run inside the bubble, which came to a rather anticlimactic ending on Thursday.

Despite winning all eight of their games since the restart, this still did not prove enough for the Suns to secure a potential playoff spot for their team. With the Blazers coming away with a razor-thin 134-133 victory against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, the victory mathematically eliminated Phoenix from playoff contention.

For their part, Portland secured the eighth seed with their impressive last-day win, booking a play-in game/s against the ninth-placed Memphis Grizzlies over the weekend. The Blazers have a twice-to-beat advantage over the Grizzlies and are just one win away from booking their ticket to the postseason.

It’s back to square one for Phoenix, as their 2019-20 season comes to an end in disappointment. Nevertheless, as expressed by the Blazers, there is much to look forward to for this young and very promising team. With superstar shooting guard Devin Booker at the helm, the Suns should be back with a bang next season. They’ve already shown everybody what type of caliber they possess, and if they enter the new campaign with the same form, then they could emerge as legitimate contenders in the West.