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Did Suns’ Chris Paul just drop a huge hint on free agency plans?

Chris Paul Suns free agency NBA Finals

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns fell just short of the NBA championship. After the loss, one major question hanging over them is if CP3 is coming back for another shot at a title.

The Suns All-Star was asked on his free agency plans right after the loss. Paul, at first glance, didn’t say anything out of the ordinary for someone who just lost an NBA Finals:

“I don’t know, we just lost a few minutes ago. Right now, we’re gonna process this and figure this out. I think everything else will take care of itself.”

Of course there’s no reason for Chris Paul to outright hint at his free agency plans just yet, especially when asked directly. But judging by his takeaways on the loss and the growth his team had undergone throughout the season, it doesn’t sound like he’s itching to leave the Suns just yet:

“For me it just means back to work,” said the Suns veteran. “Nothing more, nothing less. There are no moral victories. We’ve seen what it takes to get here, and hopefully we see what it takes to get past that.”

“Everyone in that locker room knows we had enough. But it wasn’t enough. So we’ve got to figure it out. I think for me, I just look at myself and figure out how I can get better, what I could have done more and make sure I come back next season to.. (slight pause) do it again.

That pause Chris Paul gave before saying “do it again” could just be absolutely nothing. But it also feels like an accidental slip-up for what he truly wants to do after failing to reach the mountaintop with the Suns this year.

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns have some major soul-searching to do this offseason. But I’d be hard-pressed to believe they won’t find their way back to one another.