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VIDEO: Chris Paul’s snarky response to Rachel Nichols’ question on NBA Finals loss

Chris Paul Rachel Nichols Suns NBA Finals

To say that Chris Paul isn’t in a good mood following the Phoenix Suns’ NBA Finals loss is a massive understatement. That’s probably why one question from ESPN’s Rachel Nichols didn’t exactly rub him the right way.

Check out CP3’s reaction to the vague question, complete with a little chuckle right after his initial answer:

In all fairness to Rachel Nichols, being able to navigate the emotional state of any NBA star going through something as deflating as a Finals loss is definitely tough. At the very least, she didn’t get a “next question” like one recent reporter did for another Chris Paul question:

The Phoenix Suns star just tasted defeat in the worst way possible, with an NBA championship nearly within their grasp. To slowly feel it slip away, culminating with a heartbreaking Game 6 defeat would have any superstar in shambles emotionally.

For it to happen to Chris Paul is probably just extra deflating. The future Hall of Famer has played in 16 grueling NBA seasons and probably isn’t playing for much longer. This was, without a doubt, his closest chance to complete his career as an NBA champion. He may get back here again before he hangs it up, but it’s not the safest bet out there.

Chris Paul didn’t have a bad game by any measure in Game 6. He led the Suns in scoring with 26 points and tallied five assists while shooting 11-for-19 from the field. But it simply wasn’t enough on a night where Giannis Antetokounmpo was transcendent in trying to win his own first championship trophy.