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Devin Booker appears to throw shade on NBA players in offseason pickup games

Devin Booker, Suns, Ben Simmons, Jordan Clarkson

A wise philosopher once said: We not double-teaming in open gym. That wise philosopher, of course, is Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker.

He made the memorable remark in 2019 during an offseason pickup game. The video of it quickly went viral, with some NBA players even roasting Booker for it.

Now, it seems he’s going to get some blowback too about his latest take on offseason pickup games. It appeared Booker subtly threw a shade on NBA players after posting on Twitter that he misses the open gym without cameras around. In case you haven’t noticed, guys like Ben Simmons, Carmelo Anthony, and Jordan Clarkson just to name a few have been lacing them up recently, with videos of their tune-up runs getting posted all over social media.

This is the part when we say that Booker’s girlfriend Kendall Jenner used to go out with Simmons and Clarkson.

Because of the digital age, it has become normal for NBA players to get recorded while playing in offseason pickup games. Booker should know that by now. But for all we know, he was simply stating a fact and reminiscing about his old five-on-five runs.

Another tweet, however, might easily trash that theory as he seemed to hate on people celebrating everybody in tune-up runs. It has also become quite typical to see NBA players each getting highlight videos of their own after playing in offseason pickup games.

Devin Booker, because of his admiration for Kobe Bryant, is one of the most competitive dudes in the NBA. Seeing his colleagues getting cheered on regularly probably doesn’t sit too well with him, most especially when someone gets double-teamed.