The Phoenix Suns were officially eliminated from the In-Season Tournament on Tuesday night with a 106-103 loss in the quarterfinals to the Los Angeles Lakers. But, it didn't come without controversy.

With around seven seconds left, LeBron James called a timeout on what appeared to be a loose ball and the Suns were furious, especially Devin Booker. Absolutely no one had possession of the rock therefore the Lakers shouldn't have been granted a timeout.

Following the loss, Booker put the refs on blast for the baffling mistake. Via House of Highlights:

“The whole world seen it, I just got off social media and even other players around the league seen it, you know it is what it is refs miss calls sometimes but when they're that obvious, it's tough.”

Book also posted this on IG right after the game:

With the Suns down by two at that point, it was definitely a difference-maker in the outcome. NBA referees have been criticized time and time again over the years and you can see exactly why. Inexcusable.

Booker finished the night with 21 points, 11 rebounds, and six assists while Kevin Durant dropped a team-high 31. The Suns are now 12-9 and won't get the chance to compete for a trophy in Las Vegas later this week.

That was a brutal way to lose a basketball game, but as Book said, calls are missed sometimes. Unfortunately, this was a costly one.

Phoenix is back in action on Friday evening against the Sacramento Kings, who also bowed out in the quarterfinals of the tournament to the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night.