Igor Kokoskov was the head coach of the Phoenix Suns in the 2018-19 NBA season. Now, a few years after his separation from the team, he still couldn't believe that the Suns didn't pick Luka Doncic — a player he already knew was going to be a star, and has become precisely that for the Mavs.

Kokoskov looked back on just a few years ago when Doncic was already making his mark in the European basketball scene. Highlighting how young the Slovenian age is, Kokoskov believes that Doncic will be really good for a really long time.

“There is a frightening momentum of development,” Kokoskov told Ugur Ozan Sulak of Socrates, via Sports Illustrated. “Last year he was one of the most talented players in the world but today he is among the few selected best basketball players in the world. It should not be forgotten that he is only 21 years old and he will be playing for 17-18 years with the prolongation of professional athletes’ careers.”

Talking about his own career, Kokoskov believes that he would still be coaching the Suns if the team picked Doncic. To recall, the Suns opted to select Deandre Ayton as the first overall pick.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here with you today,” he said prior to Fenerbahce's game against Atasehir.

“I believe that if (Doncic) stays healthy, there is no chance he won’t get a ring. I can’t see a force around that can stop it. Of course, there is this… We knew he would be one of the best, but who anticipated that it would reach this level in such a short time? I think nobody. Anyone who says ‘I did' is also lying.”

Not many will disagree with Kokoskov forecast. Many believe that Doncic will indeed go down as one of the greats. For the Suns, perhaps Doncic will be their biggest what if.