Suns news: GM Ryan McDonough says Phoenix may prioritize center with first draft pick
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Suns’ GM Ryan McDonough says Phoenix may prioritize center with first draft pick

Devin Booker

The Phoenix Suns are currently initiating a rebuilding phase in an attempt to build their franchise around their superstar guard Devin Booker. It is clear that the Suns won’t be competing for a postseason spot this year, mainly since the Suns currently rank 14th in the Western Conference.

The Suns roster is composed primarily of young players that are currently under development this season. In a few years, the Suns should be able to compete fully in the Western Conference if their rebuilding phase goes according to plan. With their regular season heading to a close, the Suns front office are now focused on the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft. Suns GM Ryan McDonough has indicated that the Suns are looking to draft a center in the upcoming center, per Scott Bordow of AZ Central.

McDonough also said center is “slightly higher” priority than point guard. In other words, if Phoenix gets No. 1 pick, Ayton could very well be the guy.

The Suns already have enough guards on their roster. Elfrid Payton has been phenomenal for the Suns lately. He is averaging 13.6 points and 6.6 assists over the course of his season, and he has recorded two triple doubles in his nine games with the Suns. Of course, the Suns have Booker to permanently fill their starting shooting guard role, so it stands to reason that the front office would look to improve their frontcourt this summer.

This is especially true since Tyson Chandler may be retiring this year, leaving an open spot in the frontcourt. DeAndre Ayton, who is projected to be a top pick in this year’s draft would be a wonderful addition for the Suns as they begin to take their next step towards rebuilding.