Suns news: Igor Kokoskov not happy with Bulls' Jim Boylen for late timeout
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Suns’ Igor Kokoskov wasn’t happy with Bulls’ Jim Boylen for calling late timeout

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The Phoenix Suns have shown signs as of late that they are no longer the same pushover they once were. Upset victories over the Golden State Warriors and the Milwaukee Bucks — the two conference leaders — have inspired a team and fanbase that has had little excitement this season.

With this recent success comes some swagger. The Suns aren’t just going to let anybody walk all over them. This might explain why the team and head coach Igor Kokoskov took offense to a late timeout called by Jim Boylen of the Chicago Bulls.

The game was all but over, with the Bulls leading by 14 with only 40 seconds left to play. However, Boylen called a timeout and subbed out his starters.

Igor Kokoskov and the Suns responded by fouling the Bulls as play resumed, ruining their after-timeout play.

The story didn’t end there. After the game, Kokoskov blew off Boylen’s postgame wave and walked off the court. His postgame response to reporters (or lack thereof) was telling.

At 17-55 and headed to their third consecutive last-place finish, the Phoenix Suns are getting tired of being the laughingstock of the Western Conference. They want to be seen as true competitors, not just a team to practice plays on in the last minute.

However, to gain that respect, the Suns might need more than just a couple of surprise late-season wins. A strong start to the 2019-20 season might be necessary if the organization wishes to change its reputation.