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Kelly Oubre Jr. says youth won’t hinder Suns’ success

Kelly Oubre Jr., Suns

Kelly Oubre Jr. has nothing but praise for his fellow Phoenix Suns teammates after they won their fourth straight game, and the newly acquired forward believes they can succeed even with their young lineup.

The Suns recently beat the Boston Celtics, 111-103, to keep their streak alive. Kelly Oubre Jr., who had 13 points and six rebounds in the game, undoubtedly saw the potential of the team and spoke about it with Fred Katz of The Athletic.

“It’s a very young team, but at the end of the day we all have pretty much the same energy. We all want to get better, we all want to play basketball and play great playing basketball… We all kind of center around that. It’s not necessarily about age. I don’t really believe in age. If your mind is strong enough, you can do anything.”

The Suns have star guard Devin Booker as well as rookie center DeAndre Ayton leading the team. They like to run pick-and-roll after pick-and-roll with the two, allowing them to find many open looks for both players. Booker has an excellent pull-up jumper while Ayton has the raw strength to bully nearly anyone inside.

Oubre is another addition to a team looking to rebuild with young talent. The Suns will continue to look to acquire pieces that work around Ayton and Booker in the near future.

The Suns are 8-24 on the season and are dead last in the NBA Western Conference under head coach Igor Kokoskov. They will face off against the Wizards in Washington this upcoming weekend.

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