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Suns news: Monty Williams declares undying love for Chris Paul after wining series vs Nuggets

Monty Williams, Chris Paul, Suns

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams had nothing but praise and admiration for his point guard Chris Paul after an epic series against the Denver Nuggets. After sweeping the Nuggets in Game 4, Williams had to tip his hat to the 11-time All-Star after turning the hands of time and spearheading the way for the Suns as they’re set to return to the WCF for the first time in 11 years.

“For me to coach him in my first year and then he went on to a different team, for us to be together again and be in that moment and know that we can accomplish more is pretty cool,” Williams said after hugging it out with his long-time point guard after the final buzzer sounded in Game 4 (via Gerald Bourguet of The Step Back).

The relationship between these two has gone full circle. After initially linking up for the New Orleans Pelicans way back in 2010, Williams and Paul have now reunited in The Valley and are poised to make an incredible post-season run more than a decade after.

“Chris has meant so much to my career,” Williams added (via Katherine Fitzgerald of AZ Central Sports). “The darkest moment of my life, Chris was right there. And one of the highlights of my career, he’s right there.”

It’s not every day that you get a chance to have this type of chemistry between your head coach and your court general. If it’s still not clear, the Suns have something special here and things are about to get more special as they try and make history and go all the way.