Taylor Swift has received a ton of recognition for her work. And now she can add a “thanks” from Patti Smith.

THR reports that Smith responded to Swift's mention of her in The Tortured Poets Department's title track. In the song, she's mentioned, along with a famous poet and Manhattan landmark.

In the post, the legendary singer added an image of herself reading Dylan Thomas: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog. The caption reads: “This is saying I was moved to be mentioned in the company of the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.” It ends by saying, “Thank you, Taylor.”

Regarding the lyrics, Swift sings, “I laughed in your face and said / ‘You're not Dylan Thomas, I'm not Patti Smith / This ain't the Chelsea Hotel / We're modern idiots.'”

About Patti Smith

Smith is known for the New York punk movement, especially with her 1975 debut album Horses. She is also recognized for her hit song Because the Night, which Bruce Springsteen co-wrote. Her tunes, Free Money, Dancing Barefoot, and People Have the Power, are some of her better-known songs.

In addition to her music, Patti is an author, poet, painter, and songwriter. She was born in 1947.

Regarding the other name mentioned in the lyrics and Instagram post, Thomas was a Welsh poet known for his poems Dot Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, Fern Hill, and Under Milk Wood. He was born in 1914 and passed away in 1953.

Also in the lyrics is the Chelsea Hotel. This landmark in NYC has famously been the home of well-known musicians, authors, and painters. It still is a place that houses creatives. Rolling Stone states that it's also where Sex Pistol's bassist, Sid Vicious, was accused of killing Nancy Spungen, his girlfriend.

USA Today explained the lyrics a bit. Stephanie Burt, a Harvard professor who actually teaches a class on the Cruel Summer singer, said, “Swift is not only telling (the guy in the song), you're not that talented. She's saying, let's not be the kind of artists who make our self-destructive, tortured natures central to our art, which invites everyone to look at what a mess we are.”

Fans speculate that the other lyrics in the album are a lot about her six-year relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn. They broke up, and now Travis Kelce is her main squeeze.

Tortured Poets was released Friday. It's Swift's 11th album, consisting of 16 tracks and four bonus songs. The LP was famously announced during the Grammys, and she mentioned it after receiving the Pop Album of the Year award. It emerged as the singer paused her record-breaking Eras Tour, which returns on May 9 in Paris, France.

Patti Smith looks pretty thankful that Taylor Swift included her. It's a nice “thank you” from one icon to another.