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Team Nigma moves operations to Abu Dhabi following twofour54 partnership

Team Nigma, Dota 2

Team Nigma stands as one of the greatest teams in competitive Dota 2. The team comprises of world-championship players from various countries. The organization just announced that it finally found a home in Abu Dhabi. The move comes as part of Nigma’s new partnership with twofour54, an organization run by the government of Abu Dhabi.

Nigma’s future operations will take place in a dedicated training facility for the next five years. Additionally, the government of Abu Dhabi hopes that Nigma will “become a driving force behind the continued growth of the Middle East’s video game and esports industry.”

James Hart, twofour54’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, expressed his team’s excitement at working with the esports team. Additionally, twofour54 looks forward to generating new jobs for Abu Dhabi.

“We look forward to supporting and delivering this winning team of local superstars to the world. Team Nigma will generate jobs in Abu Dhabi’s esports sector and will inspire local talent by showcasing what can be achieved in this industry through dedication and hard work.”

The Abu Dhabi government naturally see esports as a worthy investment. The partnership took a lot of resources but they picked the perfect team for the job. The players of Team Nigma dominated the Dota scene in the past.


Nigma’s players previously lived in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Now, they all have a place to call home for the foreseeable future.

“We put a lot of emphasis on providing the needed infrastructure, proven team development methods, and mental support to talent in the MENA region. Having players living and training together with access to all the Yas Creative Hub and Gaming Hub will help us tremendously with our plans in the region.”

Nigma joins 15 other gaming and esports businesses as part of Yas Creative Hub’s Gaming Hub. The space opens later this year at the heart of Abu Dhabi. The move will undoubtedly cause further growth of esports in the Middle East.