The media has been in a frenzy over the Team USA dropouts all season. Star players have either decided to pass on playing for the national team or left during the interim process, with the latest big name to drop being Kyle Kuzma.

While the team assembled is still full of quality players, there have been rumblings that Team USA is ripe for an upset for the first time since 2004.

Last time the national team fielded a shoddily put together group of talented young players, they ended up with a bronze medal in Greece. Argentina took home the gold, led by Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola.

The whole process was extremely frustrating for the Americans. They were overwhelming favorites based on talent alone, but the team could never mesh and put together a solid run.

The team captain, Tim Duncan, had a particularly poor experience. He fouled out multiple times in the tournament, and eventually got so fed up he vowed to never play for Team USA again:

“[Duncan] got so frustrated he said, “I'll never play in the Olympics again.”

True to his word, Duncan never put on the Team USA jersey ever again after the 2004 embarrassment. He finished his career as a five-time NBA champion, but never an Olympic gold medal winner.

This year's national team will look to avoid any sort of embarrassment on this level. While they might be the most hodge podge group of players Team USA has seen in some years, they still have the talent necessary to bring the gold medal home to the States.