NBA players are used to the best accommodations when traveling between cities in the grind of a long NBA season. Five star hotels, chartered planes, and luxury buses all play a part in making the travel as painless as possible.

Those type of accommodations don't seem to be present in Rio's Olympic Village, and there still remain far too many unsafe living conditions that have yet to pass safety tests.

Italy performed their own construction of their apartments, and the entire Australian team moved into a different building altogether after being robbed, which Andrew Bogut vented and  complained about on twitter.

Meanwhile, Team USA has decided to stay on a luxury cruise ship complete with top notch security.

Men's and women's teams are staying on The Silver Cloud luxury cruise ship docked in the Maua port terminal. The security detail will patrol the waters and keep anyone off of the ship that is not booked to stay on it.

The athletes will take part in the experience watching other games and activities like everyone else, but they won't suffer the worst experiences such as tiny single cot rooms that players such as Matthew Dellavadova will live in until the events are over.

According to USA Basketball Chief Media Officer, Craig Miller, staying in a different location is not uncommon.

USA Basketball teams haven't stayed in the Olympic Village since the 1988 teams did. Our teams are extremely active in supporting their U.S. teammates.

The Men's basketball team will play their first game against China on Saturday, and the Women's team on Sunday against Senegal.