The new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6 just released on patch 11.22 and with it, of course there is a lot of exciting new content for players to take on. The Gizmos & Gadgets expansion comes with brand new missions and sleek rewards, with a free and premium track for its battle pass. Here’s all the details on what you can unlock!

TFT Set 6 Guide: Gizmos & Gadgets battle pass

Is it worth it?

The Gizmos & Gadgets battle pass offers a free and premium version. The Pass+ version costs 1295 RP or for mobile users, $10. Is it worth the investment? There’s definitely a huge difference in the number—and perceived quality or value—of rewards you can get, so if you play TFT a lot and you see yourself getting to complete it, then the premium track will likely be worth it. It’s a relatively small price for about 30 reward items.

The free track has some limited rewards, which we’ll get to down below. But mostly, they’re just emotes, which are fun but may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Meanwhile, the Pass+ contains all the shards and booms.

However, if you aren’t sure about playing the game a whole lot, at least until mid-February, then going the free route may be more viable. Anyway, if you realize that you can commit enough time to finish the missions and level up, you can always purchase the Pass+ version later on.

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets missions

TFT Set 6’s pass offers some interesting new missions for you to gain XP—they reward a lot so it’s definitely a good way to level up. Some of them aren’t all that difficult to complete either: just playing one game already grants you a 500 XP reward (see ‘Enter the City’), then just play two more to cash in another 500 XP (see ‘Night on the Town’).

Moreover, players can look forward to plenty of 800 XP missions, and you don’t have to complete the objectives all in one game. That said, you will have to try out the different new traits (here’s our guide on the new origins and classes), as the missions expectedly ask you to build teams of specific traits like Colossus or Mutant. It’ll require a bit of time and effort, but at least you can get the bonuses for free. Find all the details for each mission below.

  • Augmented Assistance
    • Reward: 200 XP
    • Objective: Activate 10 Hextech Augments
  • The Gang’s All Here
    • Reward: 200 XP
    • Objective: Field 9 or more units at once
  • Hero of Piltover
    • Reward: 200 XP
    • Objective: 3-star a 3-cost champion or higher
  • Enter the City
    • Reward: 500 XP
    • Objective: Play a game of TFT Gizmos & Gadgets
  • Night on the Town
    • Reward: 500 XP
    • Objective: Play three games of TFT
  • Big Monster in Little Piltover
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – A Colossus reaches 25 stacks of Titan’s Resolve;
      – Use a Giant Slayer to take down a Colossus
  • Celebrity Treatment
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Deal 9000+ damage with Spotlighted champions in a single round (see ‘Socialite’ trait);
      – Field an active Bodyguard champion holding a Frozen Heart
  • Clock’s Ticking
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Activate Clockwork 4 by Round 4-2;
      – A champion casts more than 7 times in a combat
  • The Cost of Knowledge
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Field an active Scholar champion holding a Morellonomicon;
      – Feed Tahm Kench with a 5-cost champion (Akali, Galio, Jayce, Jinx, TK, Viktor, Yuumi)
  • It’s Something in the Water
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Activate the Mutant trait in 3 different games;
      – Activate a trait at the Prismatic (Platinum) level
  • Junkyard Genius
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Complete an item with a Spatula component (in other words, build Tactician’s Crown);
      – Generate a Scrap shield of 750 Health or more
  • Vying for Attention
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Field Vi and Jinx together, both at 2-star or higher (see ‘Sister’ trait)
      – Field 8 or more active traits at once
  • Wreck Up the Place
    • Reward: 800 XP
    • Objectives:
      – Field an active Twinshot champion holding a Runaan’s Hurricane;
      – Unleash the Mechanical Bear (Innovator 5)

TFT Gizmos & Gadgets battle pass tiers and rewards

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Players can grind through 35 tiers—technically 32 levels with 3 bonus ones. However, most of these are exclusive to the Pass+ version. Premium track players also receive all 1-Star Pass+ booms and an Arcane sprite (more Arcane promo!) without having to level up or complete anything as long as they purchase the Pass+.

Check out the Gizmos & Gadgets pass rewards below. We’ve numbered them according to what you can obtain at each level. We’ve also marked the free tiers below (11 in total), while the rest are premium only.

  1. [FREE] This Changes Everything emote
  2. 2-Star Hextech Hypersurge boom
  3. 100 Star Shards
  4. Ingenious Inventors Egg
  5. 2-Star Chemtech Surprise boom
  6. [FREE] Random emote
  7. 1-Star Dr. Shisa Little Legend
  8. [FREE] Little Legend Egg series 1-8
  9. 3-Star Hextech Hypersurge boom
  10. Sky-High Station arena
  11. Ingenious Inventors Egg
  12. [FREE] Random emote
  13. 3-Star Chemtech Surprise boom
  14. 100 Star Shards
  15. Ingenious Inventors Egg
  16. 2-Star Arcana Coil Boom
  17. [FREE] Little Legend Egg series 1-8
  18. [FREE] Knuckle Sandwich emote
  19. 100 Star Shards
  20. Chemtech Plaza arena
  21. 2-Star Missile Party boom
  22. [FREE] Random emote
  23. Ingenious Inventors Egg
  24. 3-Star Arcana Coil boom
  25. [FREE] Little Legend Egg series 1-8
  26. 100 Star Shards
  27. 3-Star Missile Party boom
  28. [FREE] Why Tho emote
  29. 2-Star Dr. Shisa Little Legend
  30. Shisa’s Study arena
  31. [FREE] Ingenious Inventors Egg
  32. [FREE] Legendary Little Legend Egg
  33. [Pass+ BONUS] Gizmos & Gadgets: Tenacity emote
  34. [Pass+ BONUS] Gizmos & Gadgets: Perseverance emote
  35. [Pass+ BONUS] Gizmos & Gadgets: Devotion emote

So there you have it, all the missions and rewards available in TFT Gizmos & Gadgets battle pass. It will be active until the mid-set update, so TFT players have about three months until February 14, 2022 to try and grab all these cool rewards.