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Teddy Bridgewater deserves more credit after leading Saints to another win

Teddy Bridgewater’s stint as the New Orleans Saints’ starting quarterback is coming to an end. Reports have surfaced that franchise quarterback Drew Brees could be back on the team by Week 8. If everything goes well, Bridgewater would be back in the Saints sideline as Brees retakes his starting role.

However, everyone who breathes and bleeds Saints know that Bridgewater’s status with the team has changed forever. The way he carried the team during the time Brees has been away has been nothing short of sensational, and fans should be thankful that he didn’t decide to leave the team for the beautiful beaches of Miami.

The team’s latest victory, a 13-6 triumph over the Jacksonville Jaguars, wasn’t the prettiest of games for the Saints nor Bridgewater. He managed 240 yards and a touchdown to help the team win over a very competitive Jaguars. His calm demeanor in the pocket prevented any picks from happening and kept the team on the advantage.

The Jacksonville game is a testament to his quality as a player through this stretch of games. Through his four appearances, he’s tallied 849 passing yards and six TDs. He’s also impressing with his accuracy, hitting the 70% accuracy rating for the first time in his five-year career.

The team has also been performing well in the four games where he’s been named a starter. The Saints managed to eke out wins against strong teams like the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys. They were also able to impose their will against a tough Tampa Bay Buccaneers team.

They have been playing terrific football that even Drew Brees can’t help but praise the team for the level of football they’ve shown the league.

Bridgewater has definitely noticed the love he’s getting from fans and pundits alike. However, he’s not sitting on his laurels. He claimed that the team is working hard in order to get the wins.

Per the transcript of his media availability earlier this wek:

“It’s been a process for this team. We’re all just focusing on getting better. Trying to do the little things to make this team complete. Each week we come to practice, we come to work, and we’re trying to find different ways to get better. We’re all out there competing for one thing and that’s to win football games and we’ve been able to win a couple of football games these past couple of weeks and hopefully we can keep this thing going.”

The Saints know that they’re blessed to have such a capable QB in their team. Thanks to his fantastic play, the Saints look like they’re ready to win the Super Bowl. And it’s about time Teddy Bridgewater gets his due praise.