A new Tekken 8 trailer came out during TGA 2022, which featured some characters, gameplay, and some of the game’s story. Sadly, we still don’t have a release date.

The trailer gives us a closer look at Tekken 8’s story, gameplay, and some of its characters. Let’s start with the game’s story. As mentioned in a previous article, Tekken 8’s story follows Kazuya and Jin Kazama. This father-and-son combo has been fighting since the earlier games, and it seems that this will be their fight’s climax. In the trailer, Jin is fighting back against his father, who seems to be wreaking havoc in his devil form. Jin fights against his father in an effort to prevent further destruction, and cleanse the evil and corruption in the world. We also see a glimpse of Jin’s mother, Jun. Throughout the games, players have been unsure of whether or not Jun was still alive. The trailer shows Jin and Jun interacting, but we still don’t know if that was in Jin’s dreams, or in real life.

Either way, Jun seems to be coming back as one of the playable characters in Tekken 8. The trailer shows off other well-known characters. This includes Paul, Law, Lars, Jack (or Jack-8), and King. Some of these characters, especially Paul and Law, seem to have aged quite a bit from the previous games. Other than the characters, it also shows off some of Tekken 8’s gameplay, including a feature called the Heat System.

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Katsuhiro Harada describes the Heat System as a way to “enhance and articulate ‘aggressive’…and how that’s actually going to be implemented into the gameplay.” As explained in the tweet above as well, the Heat System seems to be a way for players to release a string of strong, aggressive attacks. These attacks deal a lot of damage, and can potentially go through blocks. We don’t have many details yet about this system other than what we see in the trailer itself.

That’s all of the news and details we have so far from the Tekken 8 trailer from TGA 2022. To stay updated on gaming news, you can check out our gaming news articles.