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Terence Crawford announces he’s leaving Top Rank in the most savage way

Terence Crawford, Bob Arum

Terence Crawford is apparently done with Top Rank and he made sure everyone knew about it. After defeating Shawn Porter in 10 rounds during their boxing match, Crawford made sure Bob Arum knew he was done.

The post-fight press conference was home to Terence Crawford’s moment of savagery. He made sure no doubt was left in his boxing future.

In front of his promoter, Bob Arum, he let it know he would not be re-signing with Top Rank. Terence Crawford mentioned it was due to the Errol Spence Jr. fight not being booked.

“I’m pretty sure my decision is made already,” Crawford said. “Bob couldn’t secure me the Spence fight when I was with him, so how is he gonna secure me the Spence fight when I’m not with him? I’m moving forward with my career right now and I wish everybody the best.”

Bob Arum was sitting right there next to Terence Crawford, he had no reaction to the comment. The two have had a tense relationship for months.

This stemmed back from when Bob Arum mentioned he was losing money from Crawford and went off on him. Things did not improve as the boxer couldn’t get a deal for the Errol Spence fight and announced he was leaving.

There are many interesting moves now for Terence Crawford and he will have the opportunity to find the next best deal for himself. Many are hoping whatever he chooses will help lead to fights against Spence and other big names in boxing.