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Texans coach Bill O’Brien says if he saw video he would have pulled Tom Savage

Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage went down in an incredibly scary fashion on Sunday. Despite video evidence suggesting he either had a seizure or went unconscious, head coach Bill O’Brien inserted him back into the game.

Here is a link to said video.

This has, obviously, resulted in all sorts of backlash. Some ranging from the “concussion protocol is a joke” to “Bill O’Brien should be fired” type of takes.

At first, O’Brien claimed it was not his decision to put Tom Savage back into the game. That, “he’s just coaching” and it is up to the medical staff to clear a player to return to the field. He’s now singing a somewhat different tune, adding an extra caveat in his bucket-of-excuses.

“With benefit of seeing the video, obviously from my standpoint — the care for the player — I would have never let that player back into the game and I don’t believe [head trainer] Geoff Kaplan would have let that player back in the game,” O’Brien said, via Brian T. Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

The replay was shown several times after the play. Had anyone on Houston’s sideline — like, literally anyone — looked around, they would have seen Savage on the ground in all sorts of unfortunate pain.

It is 2017. You can’t tell me not a soul from the Texans — whether it be a coach, player, or front-office person upstairs — failed to see the replay.

The NFL will look into this, but fully expect some semantics about “being better” or whatever to be the official ruling on how this was all handled.

In all seriousness, even without the video, there is no way Savage could have passed a legitimate test that is meant to state he is OK enough to go back into the game. While this isn’t inherently the fault of Bill O’Brien, as he’s not a doctor, someone should have to answer for htis.