This is not the Texas A&M team college football fans were hoping to see. The sixth-ranked team in the country was supposed to be one of the better teams in the league. Their offense had question marks, yes, but their defense was stacked with talent. As long as the Aggies offense didn't sputter, they should've been golden.

Except… well, that didn't happen. Against a lowly Appalachian State football squad, the Texas A&M offense fell flat on their face. How bad was it? Well, the Aggies only ran two plays in enemy territory. That's not really a good way of winning football games. Amid the chaos of this upset, a college football legend offered his services to his alma mater. (via The Athletic)

College football fans fondly remember Johnny Manziel's electric stint with Texas A&M. The quarterback was one of the most entertaining players on the field, diming up his receivers while looking good in doing so. There's a good reason why he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012.

Unfortunately, Johnny Manziel's NFL career did not pan out like his Texas A&M football career. The quarterback was selected by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. He looked completely lost in the pro leagues, and his multiple off-field issues immediately turned off fans. He found himself out of the NFL just a few years later.

At this point, Texas A&M football will need any spark they can get after this embarrassing loss. Their next match will be against a ranked team in the Miami Hurricanes. If they want to compete for a title, they'll need to figure out how to fix their offense… or how to get Manziel back in college.