Indecision gets us all. Waffling over where to go for dinner or what bad movie to stream on Netflix is all too common in this day and age, but the biggest decisions in life are also sometimes accompanied by second-guessing and regret. Former top-ranked recruit and current Texas football star Quinn Ewers was seeing burnt orange from the beginning, but Brutus Buckeye kept popping into his head.

Ultimately, the acclaimed quarterback reneged on his initial commitment to the Longhorns and chose to play for Ohio State instead. And although the move did not stick for longer than one season, Ewers is grateful for the experiences and knowledge he gained while in Columbus.

“I mean, I learned a whole lot through coach (Ryan) Day,” Ewers said on Robert Griffin II's podcast, “RG3 and The Ones,” via's Nick Kosko.

“You know, that whole quarterback room, we had some good quarterbacks in that room. And just learning from them being like the new guy coming I mean, I came in the middle of fall camp up there. So that’s like all I knew. That’s what college football was for me, was just fall camp. So you know, going into that was definitely tough.”

Houston Texans signal-caller and 2023 Offensive Rookie of the Year CJ Stroud, one of the QBs Ewers references above, recently shared his own perspective about this situation. Stroud did not originally know about Ewers' arrival, which offended him to a degree but clearly did not deter him from being a helpful presence to the newcomer. Both talents are likely pleased with how everything turned out.

Quinn Ewers credits Stroud with helping him become a more prepared quarterback, but Ohio State football was just not the “right fit.”

Texas football, Quinn Ewers has been a perfect match

Texas Longhorns quarterback Quinn Ewers (3) throws a pass while warming up ahead of the Longhorns' spring Orange and White game at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium.
Sara Diggins/USA Today Sports via American-Statesman

Ewers took the lessons he learned from head coach Ryan Day and his Buckeyes teammates with him to Texas in 2022, the school he always seemed destined to call home. Although he struggled with accuracy, fans and pundits could see the ample promise that was foretold when the San Antonio native was just a teenager.

He started validating the hype last season, throwing for 3,479 yards and 22 touchdowns while completing 69 percent of his pass attempts. Though, the most impressive accomplishment on his resume is leading the Longhorns to a Big 12 championship (possibly their last ever) and a trip to the College Football Playoff.

Texas is close to returning to what fans believe is their rightful place in the sport– the top. Steve Sarkisian is expertly helping Ewers maximize his abundant abilities, as player and program benefit immensely from this successful marriage. And to think, it started with an initial rejection.

Sometimes, breaking up causes people to realize what they were missing. Just look at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez or Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor….Maybe Hollywood is not the best example for this.

In any case, Ewers is where he is supposed to be. It is downright bizarre to see him in Buckeyes scarlet red after all he has accomplished with Texas football. Ryan Day should not be losing too much sleep over the 21-year-old's transfer, though. His squad is also in line to contend for a national title.

Imagine the buzz that would reverberate throughout both Austin and Columbus if the two programs collided next January.