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The Chiefs shouldn’t be concerned after Week 6 loss to Texans

The Kansas City Chiefs started the year 4-0. They looked like easily one of the most dominant teams in the NFL. In fact, they might have been even better than they were in the previous season, if not only because quarterback Patrick Mahomes had some extra experience. Since then, something has gone wrong though. The Chiefs have dropped two straight games and find themselves at 4-2 following a Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans.

Should they be concerned though? Simply put, not yet.

Do not get me wrong, not everything is perfect in Kansas City (obviously). There are definitely some concerning situations developing. For example, the defense hasn’t really been able to stop anyone and Patrick Mahomes has looked somewhat human the last two weeks.

Outside of the first two weeks, Kansas City hasn’t had any super convincing wins. Their last two victories were by five points (Baltimore Ravens) and four points (Detroit Lions).

Now they’ve lost games to the Indianapolis Colts and Texans.

In that Lions game, Mahomes didn’t throw a touchdown pass. He only threw one against the Colts. Then against the Texans, he threw three, but had an interception (his first of the year) and his third straight game with a sub-60 completion percentage.

Did you see that though? That’s part of the reason to not be concerned. Mahomes threw his first interception of the year in Week 6. He now has 14 touchdown passes compared to one interception.

No one is perfect, a few mistakes were expected. Especially considering how much the Chiefs throw the ball.

Speaking of no one being perfect, teams are going to have rough patches. It just so happens to be Kansas City’s turn.

This team just got Tyreek Hill back. It already seems he and Mahomes haven’t lost a step. Travis Kelce is still the tight end too, and while he hasn’t put up massive numbers yet, he takes a lot of pressure off the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, the running game has flashed some real potential. The issue with the running game seems to be usage. Kansas City doesn’t run all that often and could maybe benefit from some extra carries.

The main problem has been the defense. Nobody has more than 2.5 sacks and they’ve been giving up points in the bunches on most weeks.

Truthfully, that’s not something that’s likely to change all that much. They could definitely play better than they are at the moment, but this isn’t a unit that’s going to silence many offenses.

That’s not the identity of this team though. Kansas City is all about offense and there’s no reason to believe it won’t keep scoring.

Mahomes has proven himself to be a star. When he throws for 273 yards, three touchdowns and one interception and people say he had a “bad” game, it just proves that further.

Andy Reid is one of the great coaches for a reason. He gets the most out of his team and almost always leads them to a good record. Seriously, he hasn’t had a losing season since 2012 (with the Philadelphia Eagles).

Kansas City simply has too many things going for them. You can’t be too concerned with a team that has Reid as their coach, Mahomes as their quarterback, and weapons of all kinds around him.

For most teams 4-2 would be a great start. Two straight losses are concerning, but almost anyone would still be ecstatic about it. It speaks volumes to how good this Kansas City team is that this even has to be a question. Relax and give them time to get back on track, they deserve that much.