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The Green Bay Packers are now Super Bowl ready

The Green Bay Packers have been trending up all season but after defeating the most physical team in the NFL with a huge 40-14 beatdown against the Tennessee Titans, the Packers are ready to make a run for the Super Bowl.

Peter Bukowski, the host of the daily Locked On Packers podcast, discussed what the Packers did on Sunday to prove that they are ready to compete for it all.

Bukowski: They chose to fight. And not only did they choose to fight, they bullied the bully using the exact playbook that the Titans would have liked to use. Thirty-seven carries for 234 yards on the ground, two touchdowns, both by A.J. Dillon who breaks out in what was really his debut. This is the first time that Dillon has had the opportunity to carry the ball on any kind of consistent basis. He got about a dozen carries for a buck twenty-four including a 30-yard touchdown run and broke multiple tackles on fourth and one to reextend the Packers lead. This was the statement win of 2020 and it was the best evidence so far this season that we have seen that the Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl quality. They are, at this point, the favorite in the NFC. Go beat the Bears and the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Lambeau Field. This was a game that earlier in the season or last year, the Packers might have lost. They might have come out sluggish. They might have come out with low energy. Instead, they came out forceful. The Packers came out with a collective unity of purpose and on the opening position they came out with eight plays, four runs, and four passes, and it is a touchdown. They get a stop coming out.