Last week’s installment of The Last Of Us saw Joel and Ellie’s bond grow stronger as they continue to elude Kathleen’s forces in Kansas City. Apart from providing tons of cool details, the ending also gave viewers the first glimpse of Henry and Sam as the episode’s ending left everyone hanging on a cliff. We take a look at The Last Of Us episode 5 ending explained to see how the HBO hit series is coming along and what truly went down.

The Last Of Us episode 5 ending explained

The Last Of Us, HBO, EntertainmentThis The Last Of Us episode 5 breakdown starts with Kathleen’s forces liberating Kansas City from FEDRA. As the crowd executes FEDRA personnel, Henry and Sam make their way to an abandoned building to hide. Cutting back to a prison cell, Kathleen interrogates a group of prisoners to determine the location of Henry. She discovers that the person he’s looking for is with Edelstein and they’re holed up in a certain building within the open city. Kathleen then tasks Perry and his soldiers to search door-to-door for Henry.

Inside the building Henry and Sam escaped to, the brothers proceed higher as gunshots go off from a distance. They are met by Edelstein, who then gives them a place to rest. Henry tries to devise an escape plan from the city to get away from Kathleen and her forces. 10 days later, Edelstein has been captured and the brothers are left hiding on their own. With supplies running low, Henry decides to take Sam and escape the city on foot. As they were about to do so, Henry witnesses Joel take out several of Kathleen’s men during the events of episode 4.

A few hours later, the brothers enter the building Joel and Ellie are in. They take the pair hostage as Henry explains how he needs their help. With the tension out of the way, the four share a meal as the brothers promise a way out when morning comes. The following day, Henry says that FEDRA has fallen after treating the citizens of Kansas City very poorly. He also says that being a collaborator helped him know which way to go, a revelation Joel doesn’t take too kindly. They create a map that will lead them out of Kathleen’s territory with the use of tunnels. Henry adds that there are no infected beneath the surface, which means they have no reason not to take this plan.

The four of them proceed to a bank building with a tunnel they can enter below. As they’re traversing the underground path, the group enters a hidden shelter where they decide to wait for nighttime. During this time, Henry admits that he exchanged information about Kathleen’s brother for medicine that helped Sam recover from Leukemia. Joel decides to move the group after hearing Sam’s story.

Back in her room, Perry informs Kathleen that they haven’t found Henry or Joel yet. After hearing a story about Michael, her brother, when they were kids, Perry says that they will support her no matter what happens. Meanwhile, Joel and his companions get out of the tunnels and make their way to the suburbs. Someone starts shooting, causing the group to hide behind an abandoned car. Joel then takes the lead to approach the shooter while everyone else hides.

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After making his way through several obstacles, Joel enters the shooter’s location inside an old house. He meets an old man and pleads with him to lower his rifle. Joel then kills the old man after he makes a sudden move to kill him. He then discovers that the old man is a member of Kathleen’s forces and learns that she is alerted to their location.

The rebel leader’s forces arrive and start to chase Henry, Sam, and Ellie. The former then tries to negotiate with Kathleen to let the kids go, a proposal she declines. As Henry comes out of hiding, a considerable number of infected come out of the ground and catch everyone there by surprise. The three start to run while Joel is providing cover fire from a distance. Meanwhile, several bloaters come out from the ground and kill Perry.

As all hell is running loose, Ellie saves Henry and Sam from the infected. Kathleen tries to stop the three before an infected takes her out. With the rebel leader out of the way, they make their way to Joel’s location and escape to an abandoned motel. From there, Joel invites Henry to come along with them to Wyoming, an invitation he accepts. Meanwhile, in another room, Sam tells Ellie that he has been bitten by an infected. Even with Ellie trying to use her blood to cure Sam, the infection still continues to spread.

The following morning, Ellie finds Sam has turned into an infected. Henry unwillingly shoots his brother before he can kill Ellie. Distraught and confused at what he did, Henry killed himself. The pair then bury the brothers out in the open and continue their journey to Wyoming on foot.

What just happened? A The Last Of Us episode 5 recap

In this The Last Of Us episode 5 breakdown, we see how Henry and Sam’s story weaves into the overall series. Viewers discover the hard choice Henry had to make to save Sam in exchange for Michael’s life, Kathleen’s brother and leader of the resistance in Kansas City. Once they have reached an agreement with Joel and Ellie, the group makes their way out of the city. But thanks to a guard stationed near the border, Kathleen’s forces are alerted to Henry’s presence, causing them to converge on their location.

As soon as they do, all hell breaks out and a horde of infected come out. This leads to Kathleen and her forces being wiped out. At the same time, Sam is infected, which causes Henry to kill him and himself shortly after. This series of events causes Ellie to feel sad as she was unable to heal her friend and save him from Cordyceps. Once the air has cleared, the pair resume their journey to Wyoming to find Tommy.