While the ongoing WGA writers' strike has caused dozens of delays on huge projects, HBO's The Last of Us has received a big tease and production update from star Bella Ramsey.

Speaking to Vanity Fair just in time for Emmys season, Ramsey revealed that they will be heading into production on The Last of Us Season 2 as soon as the end of this year.

Additionally, Ramsey also teased the tone of the forthcoming season: “It's darker. It's really a story about revenge and a continuation from the first season about the dangers of unconditional love.”

HBO's The Last of Us was an adaptation of the PlayStation game of the same name and starred Ramsey and Pedro Pascal as Ellie and Joel respectively. It followed the duo as they traveled across the post-apocalyptic United States in an attempt to smuggle Ellie — an immune teenager — across the country.

Bella Ramsey is a rising star thanks to The Last of Us. Prior to the hit HBO show, Ramsey had a recurring role on Seasons 6-8 of Game of Thrones — their co-star Pedro Pascal also had a recurring role on the series at one point — and also starred in the series The Worst Witch and Becoming Elizabeth. They will soon appear in the second season of Time for BBC One. On the film side, Ramsey recently starred in Prime Video's adaptation of Catherine Called Birdy. They will also lend their voice to the upcoming Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget film and star in Monstrous Beauty.