The New Orleans Saints have made a lot of solid free agent signings as of late, but there was a time where they seemed to be striking out on most of their signings. Let's take a look at the five worst free agent signings in Saints history.

5. Heath Shuler

Heath Shuler might be a bit of a stretch on this list, because technically he was traded to the Saints. But they did have to sign him to a new deal, so we will include him on the list. Shuler spent his first years with the Washington Redskins before being sent over to the Saints. In 1997, he signed a seven-year deal that was set to pay him $19.5 million. Shuler ended up playing ten games for the Saints, and none of them were very good. He led the team to a 4-5 record, which is honestly a bit shocking when you consider he threw only two touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

He ended up having a serious turf toe injury that forced him to retire, but even if there wasn't the injury, he was probably well on his way out.

4. Wally Williams

Wally Williams was undrafted coming out of college but he found a lot of success with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens to start his career. He never was the greatest offensive guard, but he was still talented. In 1999, the Saints gave Williams a five-year deal that was set to pay him $18.5 million. Included in the contract was a $7 million signing bonus. The first year with the team he missed 10 games as he dealt with a neck injury. He ended up losing his starting job, and was later cut after being suspended for a season for violating the league's drug policy.

3. Brandon Browner

Usually when the New England Patriots release someone, it's probably a good idea to stay away from them because Bill Belichick has a pretty good idea when someone is on their way out of the league. In 2015, the Saints signed Brandon Browner to a three-year deal that was set to pay him $15 million. Browner was brought in to be a lockdown cornerback, but that never happened.

He struggled to cover anyone, and he committed way too many penalties. In the 2015 home finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Saints fans booed when Browner was introduced.

2. Albert Connell

The Saints had Joe Horn out wide, but they were looking for a guy to line up on the other side. The Saints settled on Albert Cornell who they signed to a five-year deal worth $14 million before the 2001 season. There were high expectations surrounding Cornell, but it never worked out on or off the field. Cornell was a reserve catching only 12 passes in 11 games.

He also ran into a lot of issues off the field. He was caught stealing more than $4,000 from Deuce McAllister's car and locker. He was cut in Week 12, and the money they spent to bring him in was wasted.

1. Jason David

Jason David comes in at number one at this list because they had to pay him a big contract and give up some draft capital to bring him in. Jason David was a strong cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts, but they decided to not match the Saints' contract offer when he was a restricted free agent. He had a fumble recovery in his first game with the Saints, but it all went downhill from there. It didn't seem to matter who the quarterback was, they were torching David. Saints fans also grew frustrated him, often booing him in game. After two seasons, the Saints decided to move on from him because it was clear he wasn't going to be improving.