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The Ringer makes Super Mario parody starring Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, Kevin Durant

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Layne Murdoch/Getty Images

From old faces in new places, the USA Men’s Basketball Team bringing home the gold medal once again in the Rio Olympics, to veterans announcing their retirements, a lot has happened the past couple of months. But arguably the most talked about news was the move of former Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant to the team that knocked them off the playoffs last May, the Golden State Warriors.

KD’s controversial decision to choose the 2015 champions has certainly drawn flack and has not made him the most loved person among Oklahomans anymore.

Now, one of the more popular sports podcasts and website, The Ringer, has uploaded a hilarious video, a parody to the old Super Mario Bros. game. It shows the quest of the “Super Mustache Bros.” Enes Kanter and Steven Adams to get Durant back from the ones who took him — the Warriors.

Though this might be a comedic take on what has transpired between former teammates, it most certainly will be a different story once both teams will lock horns once again. The first one is slated on Nov. 3 when the Thunder visit the Warriors and then on Feb. 11, Durant visits his former home for eight seasons, Chesapeake Energy Arena, for the first time and not as a player of the home team where he is expected to be receive a not-so-warm welcome.

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